Established in 1956 Chambon has gone from doing primarily industrial work with chemical factories to serving a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers.  One thing that has not changed is our dedication to quick, efficient response to our customers' needs.

Our team is skilled in many aspects of electrical work.  We can help with  florescent, incandescent, LED and H-I-D lighting. 
Our vast expertise covers Telecommunications and LAN installations to ensure your communications capabilities are always a step ahead.

Suffering from computer power problems?  We can help in a number of areas...from Grounding to Harmonics.

Need help with motor applications?  We are here for you for emergencies and non-hazardous installations.

With changing technologies comes improved awareness of our environment...and the urgent need to take care of it.  There are many steps that people can do every day that make a big difference in the long run, and Energy Efficiency is a primary example. 

At Chambon we are focusing our efforts on always staying an energy conscious company.  We can assist you in installing solar panels to transform sunlight into a usable form of energy.  Our staff can also evaluate your current lighting and implement more efficient, COST SAVING ALTERNATIVES.
Lighting and sound

The staff of CHAMBON is dedicated to making your home a dream home. We can bring the magic of the movies right into your home with a home theatre. We can help you relax with a jacuzzi outside or build a spa inside your home.

Additions and renovations

With the current state of the economy, "stay-cations" are becoming more common. Let us help you create your perfect vacation resort right in your home.
We pride ourself on maintaining a fleet of vehicles and trucks needed for various jobs.  We have a 55' Bucket Truck available for use on your project. 
We also have a 30' Bucket Truck available, and three large dumpsters for removal of debris.  We set a high standard for cleanliness and safety for all our jobs.
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