Chambon is a family owned business with three generations working together to provide the best in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Electrical service. 

We strongly value family, and consider our technicians and customers to be part of our extended family. 

The Chambon crew at our annual Christmas party...always enjoyed by everyone!
Our crew consists of  6 Licensed Electricians, 5 Senior Technicians, 4 Junior Technicians, and 3 Office staff employees.  Jean Sr., Founder of Chambon Electric, had his License for over 55 years.  His sons, Jean Jr. and Robert joined Chambon Electric in 1982 and have had their Licenses for over 20 years,  Bob has had his License for over 30 years and has been with the company for over 43 years.  Mike, who has been with the company for over 31 years, has had his Electrical License for over 33 years.  Pete who joined our company in 1990, and Ludwing who joined our company in 1997, both received their licenses.  James, another one of our Senior Technicians, has been with the Company for over 35 years.  As you can see, our staff is extremely experienced, highly educated, continuously trained and always committed to providing the best Electrical Service Possible.

Over half of our staff have been with Chambon for over 30 years. 
A large part of our success is due to their dedication.

Our annual Fishing trip is enjoyed by all employees and family members, and continues to encourage the emphasis on family. 

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